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Banyan Forest Kindergarten 

An exceptional nature-based & Spanish-immersion education

for children, preschool and kindergarten ages,

operated by Monica Martinez, an experienced Waldorf teacher,

in partnership with the School on The Rise

on its magnificent eight-acre property in southwest Austin, Texas.


Enrolling now for the 2022-2023 school year.  

Why a forest kindergarten?

Nature is always teaching. When a child begins their education in the beauty and harmony of the natural world, they have a life-long engagement with learning. The landscapes and elements of nature are the best teaching aids we could hope for—especially when they’re presented to the child by an adult who knows and cares. The forest kindergarten is an exhilarating approach to early education that was begun seven decades ago. LEARN MORE

Why Spanish immersion?

When children live with a language day after day, they learn that language. Once they learn a second language, they have new relationship with our diverse global community. And when they learn that second language early enough, they have an easier time with all languages. At Banyan Forest Kindergarten, children will hear and speak Spanish most of the time—for conversation and stories, for poetry and songs. English will be spoken only when it’s needed. 

What will a day in school be like?

Children will arrive at the Banyan welcome area each day between 8:30 and 9:00 a.m. They might begin by drawing or playing in the trees. By 9:00 we’ll walk to the base camp for that day’s activities, and there we’ll have a morning circle so the children can engage with each other. Then, together, we’ll go for a long walk. The entire day will be an easeful rhythm between guided and shared activities, food, rest, and free play.


Banyan Forest Kindergarten is committed to educating children in a welcoming school community that reflects the rich diversity of the greater Austin metropolitan area. We are an inclusive community of students, families, and faculty that strives to maintain diversity of race, color, ethnic background, religion, economic status, gender, age, and sexual orientation. We educate our students to respect the dignity of all people.

M - F  9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

U.S. 290 & Rim Rock Trail 



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Happily serving Preschool & Kindergarten age children and families in:

Austin, southwest Austin, Cedar Valley, Spicewood, Dripping Springs, Wimberly,    south Austin,  Buda. 

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